13 Pcs Cookware Set
13 Pcs Cookware Set
13 Pcs Cookware Set
13 Pcs Cookware Set
13 Pcs Cookware Set
13 Pcs Cookware Set

13 Pcs Cookware Set

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With this 13 pieces value pack nonstick cook ware brought to you by Royal Mark, made of the very best and durable material to make it a long lasting kitchen ware for you. It is typically the best colander to strain out all the moisture from your veggies, rice, noodles, meat etc and separate the required one’s for you and can be kept on to the sink. Safe for daily use and is not made from any harmful materials which can be transmitted to the food, it is sure to keep the food commodity healthy. Buy the best for you, and here it is.


  • Multipurpose kitchen equipment from Royal Mark
  • Medium and large cook and serve
  • Frying pans, sauce pan along with extra-large heat resistant spatulas and spoons
  • Safe and comfortable to use
  • Stylish and elegant design


  • 13Pcs. Kitchenware Cooking Set Pots & Pans Kitchen Utensils
  • Royal Mark Set comprises of 13 pieces consisting of Fry pan, Sauce Pan, Covered Sauce pan, Milk Pot, Cover lids and 6 kitchen utensils.-
  • 1pc. Fry pan-
  • 1pc. Covered Sauce Pan-
  • 1pc. Sauce Pan-
  • 1pc. Milk Pot-
  • 3pcs. Lid Covers-
  • 6pcs. Utensils Non-stick
  • This pans have non-stick coatings inside to reduce the use of fats and oils for easy clean up.Comport Handles The Comport-Grip handles provide a secure grip.These handles stay cool on stove.Glass Lid Tempered glass lids make viewing food easily from start to finish,


  • 1pc. Fry pan (22cm)-
  • 1pc. Covered Sauce Pan - Glass Lid (22cm)-
  • 1pc. Sauce Pan - Glass Lid (18cm)-
  • 1pc. Milk Pot - (16cm)


  • 1pc Fry pan 22 cm
  • 1pc Sauce pan 16 cm
  • 1pc Sauce pan 18 cm
  • 1pc Sauce pan 22 cm
  • 1pc Glass lid 16 cm
  • 1pc Glass lid 18 cm
  • 1pc Glass lid 22 cm
  • 6pcs.Non- Stick Handle comfortable Kitchen Took