Resistance Band
Resistance Band
Resistance Band
Resistance Band
Resistance Band
Resistance Band
Resistance Band

Resistance Band

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Keep your fitness a top priority with our fitness products aimed at giving you the ultimate workout in the safety of your own home. This multi-functional elastic rope is your best choice. It has the same training methods as dumbbells and is very portable, either in place or fixed to the door. It’s powerful enough to stimulate your muscles.


  • INCREASE POWER & ENDURANCE: Our bands' length gives constant resistance to your muscles throughout a large range of motions, whether explosive or repetitive. Helping advance first-step quickness, vertical and lateral explosiveness, braking, and the ability to repeat athletics movements with less fatigue.
  • BUILD TO LAST: Each band is double layered and carefully constructed to provide maximum resistance. 100% Latex-free, highest quality rubber, and TPR foam. The protective double layer end sleeves reduce wear and provide a longer band life.
  • GYM WORKOUT ANYWHERE: This versatile set can fulfill your workout needs whether they be at the gym or at the comfort of your own home. It conveniently fits into our carrying case to easily be able to bring your workouts wherever you go!
  • SUITABLE FOR ANY FITNESS LEVEL: Not every workout requires the same amount of weight, depending on what muscles you are working. Whether you are a beginner or an expert; ou resistance bands can fully meet your needs.


  • Different resistance level to accommodate for progressive strength training levels:
  • Yellow Band - Extra Light (10 LBS)
  • Red Band - Light (15 LBS)
  • Green Band - Medium (20 LBS)
  • Blue Band - Heavy (25 LBS)
  • Black Band - Extra Heavy (30 LBS)


  • 2 X Ankle Strap
  • 2 X Foam Hand Grp
  • 1 X Door Anchor
  • 1 X Black Carry Bag
  • 5 X Color Resistance Bands